Casting Process Simulation

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Manufacturing Processes

Casting process simulation is “modelling”, the representation of casting processes in simulation software. In the software, parameters for the process flow of cast pouring and solidification are represented in as much detail as possible in a “virtual experiment” for the calculation. This results in a representation of the process flow consisting of mould filling, solidification, the as-cast structure and mechanical properties, the formation of internal stresses, the distortion of the castings and the prediction of various quality criteria for casting defects. For modelling the “all of one piece” process flow means simultaneously taking into account numerous technical, physical and chemical influencing variables that affect each other.   

Foundations of casting process simulation
The familiar equations to describe flow stream dynamics, heat transmission, stress formation and other mechanical, chemical and thermal processes influencing the casting quality form the foundation of casting process simulation. The specific casting process is modelled with constraints used by the software to solve the equation. 

Simulation calculation results can be viewed on the screen as a colour graphic or in three dimensions (stereoscopic). They represent qualitative and quantitative, easy to comprehend documentation of the phenomena in the casting process.   


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