PGF 2019
Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Moulding Materials

Purpose of coating in mould and core making

Improving the surface of the casting in regards to cleanliness, no adhesions and a smooth surface

Influence on the mould and core surface due to high abrasion resistance and hardness

Avoiding surface defects such as penetration, gas bubbles, scabs, erosion, finning, puckered and wrinkled surfaces

Influencing the casting edge zone with metallurgically effective substances (e.g. tellurium, bismuth, sulphur), sulphur barrier layers

Product properties of coatings in processing

  • Minimal sedimentation behaviour and homogeneous mixing of the various coating components
  • Optimal coating behaviour according to the chosen application technology: brushing, spraying, dipping or flooding.
  • Compliance with the hygiene requirements for water-based
  • coatings
  • Compliance with the emission requirements for alcohol-based systems


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