Contactless Measuring Technology

PGF 2019
Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Model and Mould Making

Foundry technology meets measuring technology

Contactless measuring technology opens up a broad field of application for prototypes, sample parts, small and large series castings and for all preliminary and intermediate products in casting production. It produces consistent quality information.

Optical 3D measuring technology makes it possible to present information content individually, tailored to the user. Numeric and optical measurement results can be made visible on the 3D model.

Functional principle – see what you measure
In the past the performance of strip projection depended to a large extent on the surface characteristics of the object being scanned. The colour and reflection properties of the object surface had a major influence on the quality of the measurement results.

Sensitive measuring and evaluation technology can be implemented with the digital adaptive full-colour projection technology of the StereoScan neo, which optimally adapts to the surface characteristics by means of intensity control.

The projection unit not only projects the patterns required for scanning onto the surface in colour, but also the measurement results that are obtained. Measurements results including deviations from the specified dimensions and tolerances can be shown in colour on the object surface directly after measuring.


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