Controlling in the Foundry

PGF 2019
Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Energy, Environment, Operational Safety

Foundry controlling

“The time of the simple financial controller is past, even in thefoundry. The controller of the future is a consultant, change expert, production and process professional, and with correctly prepared figures in the trade, can serve as the leading, assertive and communicative navigator for management. Controlling is not the verification and continuation of bookkeeping.”

Controlling means supporting company management in carrying outplanning, review and control tasks.

Controlling success factors can avoid unnecessary management effort by establishing only a few parameters. Correctly implemented controlling is a key to smooth process management and to realising long-term potential for success.

Objectives of a contemporary controlling process:

  • Diagnosis and ongoing review of success factors
  • Establishing transparency at the operating levels
  • Representing complexity, installing a coordinated information system
  • Influencing technology performance, productivity and personnel productivity
  • Synchronising process fields


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