Die Cast Parts, Temperature Profiles and Holding Times

PGF 2019
Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Die Casting

Included Topics:

  • Profile of the surface temperature in the mould cavity during a casting cycle
  • Experimental determination of the temperature profile in the shot sleeve
  • Maximum surface temperature of the die casting mould made of hot work steel with material number 1.2344 for two die casting alloys depending on the mould surface temperature before casting
  • Number of casting cycles until the first major repair for die casting moulds made of conventional hot work steel 1.2344 in aluminium die casting depending on the casting weight
  • Calculated number of casting cycles N and number of casting cycles in practice Np as well as total deformation ε of the core pins depending on the die casting alloy, mould material, mould temperature tf before casting and mould surface temperature tfw during casting
  • Number of casting cycles for coated core pins in die casting of aluminium alloys
  • Casting cycles for mould component in die casting of copper alloys
  • Roughness depth Rz in μm for the surface of the mould cavity made of hot work steel X30WCrV8-2 (1.2581)
  • The erosion process as the cause of premature damage to die casting moulds [According to Z. Lihnagvili]
  • Selection of materials for die casting mould frames and die casting inserts
  • Chemical composition of hot work steels for die casting moulds
  • Materials for mould inserts


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