Exhaust Air

PGF 2019
Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Energy, Environment, Operational Safety

Extraction system for die-casting machines

Exhaust air filtration with air circulation system and heat recovery
The die-casting process produces high volumes of gases and vapours, especially due to injection moulding, representing a mix of aerosol and fine smoke particles that make exhaust air filtration mandatory.

Exhaust air extraction systems are installed directly at the source to prevent contamination of the room air, which would require the extraction of a much larger air volume: the lower the exhaust air volume that needs to be purified, the lower the energy costs.

Tailor-made extraction hoods can be mounted above the die-casting machines as exhaust air extraction systems. A special design of the hood interior reliably captures and extracts the intensive smoke development intermittently produced during die-casting. Baffle plates ensure that the suction power of the system is concentrated in emission-critical edge zones.


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