Expansion of Bühler Carat die-casting machine portfolio up to 84,000 kN locking force

Die Casting

Bühler Die Casting presented the latest additions to their die casting portfolio – the new Carat 560 and Carat 610 with locking forces of up to 61,000 kN. Additionally, Bühler announced the Carat 840 – with a locking force of 84,000 kN. 
Structural components have clearly gained in importance in the automotive industry in recent years, with a trend towards ever larger parts. The last two years have also seen a tendency towards 5G parts being produced in the die-casting process, same for large battery housings for electric vehicles. These are clear opportunities for the die-casting industry, all of them with high volume potential.

Bühler has expanded its Carat portfolio to meet these market needs. The Carat 560 and 610 with locking forces of 56,000 kN and 61,000 kN and a shot weight of 105 kg aluminum are available now. The Carat 610 with 61,000 kN locking force is the currently largest die-casting machine on the market. Furthermore, Bühler announced the portfolio expansion to include the 84,000 kN Carat 840. This will open up completely new applications, allowing die casting to provide cost-effective solutions for even larger parts.

More information: www.buhlergroup.com

About the Carat series:
The Carat two-platen solution with minimum deflection and a high degree of dimensional accuracy has long-proven its value for the production of large and complex structural components. The unique Bühler shot control system, for real-time closed-loop control, allows for consistent high quality part production