Fracture Mechanics Test

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Fracture mechanics

For components with tearing or defects similar to cracks, fracture mechanics has developed criteria for how cracks grow under external stress and ultimately lead to breakage of the component.

Linear-elastic fracture mechanics (LEBM concept)

Linear-elastic fracture mechanics (LEBM concept) allows the quantitative recording of the failure of components with cracks as a result of unstable crack propagation under static load stress, or stable crack propagation under cyclic load stress. This presupposes largely linear-elastic deformation until rupture. The stress intensity concept applies. Based on the model of a plate under tensile stress with a continuous centre crack 2a (Figure 1), the stress field before the crack tip can be described by the stress intensity factor K. For the crack opening type mode 1 according to Figure 1, the stresses can be calculated from the crack tip.


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