Fresh talent at Euroguss

At the Euroguss die casting industry trade fair, four young talents were honoured for their outstanding research work. Among them are two young talents from Germany, one from Spain and one from Mexico.

Three master's and one bachelor's thesis were honoured with prizes. Marvin Emde from the University of Kassel (Germany) received an award for his bachelor thesis with the title "Potentials for die-cast components through wall thickness optimization". From the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Marius Kohlhepp convinced the jury with his master's thesis "Influence of alloy composition on the mold bonding behavior of an AlSi7Mg die casting alloy".

The young talent from Spain is Ane Jimenez Zabaleta from Tecnalia Research & Innovation. The title of the awarded work is: "New HPDC alloys to address automotive industries requirements for the vehicle of the future". Denis Ariel Ávila Salgado from the Mexican Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León applied for and also won with his master thesis "Influence of B, Nb and Zr on hardness and wear resistance in copper alloys for the manufacture of plunger tips used in die casting".

The winners will receive a travel package and an overnight stay in a hotel for Euroguss 2020, where they will be allowed to give a lecture in the Speakers Corner and publish their research topic on the Spotlightmetal platform. The package also includes an iPad and an Appel Pencil.

Sixteen young talents from five countries competed for the prizes with their final theses. "We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the entries and are also very pleased with the high level of international participation," said Franz-Josef Wöstmann, chairman of the jury.

"All submissions have convinced us. There were many exciting, new ideas and innovative approaches, so that the results were very close together", says Christopher Boss, head and international product manager of Euroguss.