Heating and Cooling the Moulds

PGF 2019
Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Die Casting

Included Topics:

  • Ratio Q/V of the supplied heat quantity Q and the volume V of the melt depending on the die casting alloy and demoulding temperature
  • Orientation values for the cycle time depending on the nominal mould closing force of the die casting machine with horizontal cold chamber
  • Physical properties of heat transfer fluids at a pressure of 1 bar depending on the temperature
  • Heat transfer coefficient of the heat transfer fluids dependingbon the flow rate and average temperature of the heat transfer fluid
  • Empirical values for temperatures of castings made of aluminium and magnesium die casting alloys [
  • Arrangement and dimensions of heating and cooling ducts
  • Temperature distributions at various distances from the mould engraving during a casting cycle for plates with the dimensions 200×75×20 mm made of GD-AlSi9Cu3 die casting allo


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