Lost Foam Casting Process

Taschenbuch der GIESSEREI PRAXIS
Manufacturing Processes

The technical development of the Lost Foam casting process makes it possible to fabricate even unusually complex castings today, which cannot be produced using any other casting process. Design freedom, casting close to the final form without the use of cores and draft angles, the integration of functions and environmental friendliness are the strengths of the lost foam casting process.

Typical of the process is the use of single-use, lost positive patterns made of polyester foam (hence lost foam). The patterns are assembled from multiple simple segments before casting and can therefore form a highly complex geometry after they are put together. Undercuts are possible along with integrated media ducts or cavities. Prior to pouring, the patterns are coated and moulded in binder-free moulding material. As the hot metal melt flows in, the pattern is decomposed and the melt accurately fills the resulting cavity.


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