Mobile Hardness Testing

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Ultrasonic contact impedance:
new fields of application for mobile hardness testing

Practical example of mobile UCI hardness testing in production and maintenance

During times of high cost pressure and increasingly strict quality requirements, mobile UCI (ultrasonic contact impedance) hardness testing represents a fast and economical complement to stationary hardness testing in modern production.

UCI hardness testing is a comparative method that can be adjusted very precisely to the testing task (validation), for example relative to the classic Vickers hardness test. It represents an extension of classic measuring technology in production and is found in virtually all metal production and processing industries, from goods receiving inspection to checking individual process steps to the end product (Figure 1).

This application is so versatile because it is direction-independent, highly selective with significant results, and documented.

Special fields of application include quality assurance in hardening plants, on welding seams in boiler construction, apparatus construction and in steel construction after processing cut edges (EN ISO 1090).


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