Moulding Material Testing

PGF 2019
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Moulding Materials

Electronically controlled moulding material testing

This enables the integrated characterisation of a moulding material to assist with successful moulding material management in operational practice. Operator influences on the sensitive test sequences are minimised.

What sets electronically controlled moulding material testing apart is the free programmability of test sequences, in particular the test speed and press power, and the recording of test curves. Adapting the test sequences to the conventional, manual test equipment is advantageous so comparisons can be made. The press power can be freely chosen to determine the compactability and also for the production of test specimen, for example to tailor these to the operating parameters of the moulding material machine.

Other key benefits include the flexible documentation of results, the ability to read measurement data, and data processing in QA systems.

The test sequence is recorded graphically in the form of force/path curves or stress/deformation curves.


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