Remanufacturing for die-casting machines

As good as new

Die Casting

The secret to any successful operation is productivity. In die casting a reliable system that creates perfect parts with maximum availability is decisive. At a certain point in time, foundries need to invest in a new machine. Remanufacturing offers an alternative solution.

Remanufacturing with the experts
In the last five years, the Bühler remanufacturing sites in Italy, the US and China have fully or partially remanufactured over 300 machines. 
The facility in Bedizzole is located in one of Europe’s foundry heartlands. With over 30 years of experience the die-casting experts can remanufacture multiple die-casting machines on a 6,600 m2 area.

How does the process work?
After its arrival in Bedizzole, the machine is stripped right down to its component parts. Once each part has been cleaned and inspected, Bühler’s expert engineers make a detailed analysis. The result is discussed with the customer on-site and together an agreement is made which parts need to be replaced, upgraded or renovated. This enables the refurbished machine to meet the specific customer requirements in terms of availability or cycle time. The whole machine is then repainted, reassembled and fully tested, before being shipped to the customer’s foundry.
Thanks to the use of original spare parts, the global support and the availability of maintenance is guaranteed for years to come.

Control unit upgrades
One of the most important points when doing a complete remanufacturing is the upgrade to the latest control unit. Especially the Bühler DataView control unit with its multi-touch screen is changing the human-machine interface. The intuitive control is cutting programming time and simplifies the set-up, process control and diagnostics. The DataView control unit is the first step towards Bühler’s vision of the Digital Cell – aimed at delivering 0% scrap, 40% less cycle time and 24/7 uptime.

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