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Radiographic testing with X-rays and gamma rays

DIN EN 13068: Radioscopic testing
DIN EN ISO 19232: Image quality of radiographs
DIN EN 12681-1: (2018-02) Founding – Radiographic testing –
Part 1: Film techniques
DIN EN 12681-2: (2018-02) Founding – Radiographic testing –
Part 2: Techniques with digital detectors

Part 1 of the European DIN EN 12681 standard establishes the special procedures for industrial radiographic testing with X-rays and gamma rays for the detection of discontinuities with NDT film techniques, part 2 the requirements for digital radiographic testing of castings using computer radiography or digital matrix detectors.

The procedure
A property of X-rays is that they penetrate matter. However, these rays are weakened to various degrees depending on the material and the radiographic path length. This largely depends on the wavelength of the radiation and the proton number (atomic number) of the material. This property makes it possible to depict various wall thicknesses, materials or volume defects with the help of a detector. Radiographic testing by means of digital radioscopy is the method commonly used in the foundry. A live image of the part being examined is displayed on a monitor by means of image intensifiers, flat panel detectors or X-ray camera systems. Further digital processing of the data is possible. This method is particularly well suited for identifying defects or inspecting channels for freedom of movement. An exact position and size beyond the transmission direction cannot be perfectly determined with digital radioscopy. It is used for the inspection of castings in quality control ranging from sampling to 100 % inline inspection.


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