Metallurgy and Processing of High-Integrity Light Metal Pressure Castings

by Helmut Kaufmann, Peter J. Uggowitzer


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    ISBN: 978-3-7949-0754-0


Very sophisticated pressure casting equipment, such as High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) machines with hydraulic shot control,Vertical Squeeze Casting machines and various Semisolid Casting machines are used in modern foundries today. Nevertheless, the increasing geometrical complexity and technical requirements of light metal pressure castings have rendered process stability and castability a permanent issue for foundry men. The castings should be simultaneously light, strong, ductile, weldable, heat treatable, and pressure tight.

In order to achieve these goals a process chain approach comprising a significant materials science component must be applied to aid product, alloy and process improvement. This book´s contents involve just such a process chain approach. In addition to the principles of pressure casting, the effects of melt quality, alloy composition, filling conditions, even post-processing aspects and Parameters affecting process stability and productivity are discussed.

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