Moulding Materials

Term for all dry, moist, pasty or liquid materials for the production of casting moulds which are compacted, chemically or physically bound, such as moulding and core moulding materials, natural sand, flowing sand, moulding slip and ceramic moulding compounds. Moulding material is a material composed of different components.

The moulding material used in foundries for the production of lost moulds consists of the moulding base material, the moulding material binder and the moulding additives.

The requirements for moulding materials are defined depending on the technology of their processing and the casting process with the following properties: pictorial quality, flowability, dimensional stability, gas permeability, high-temperature resistance, decomposability and recyclability.

Moulding materials can be fundamentally divided according to the moulding material binder system as follows:

  • bentonite-bonded moulding materials, which also include bentonite-oil-bonded moulding materials for manual processing,
  • inorganic moulding sand binder systems with silicate binders (water glass), cement, silica brines, gypsum and salt binder systems,
  • organic moulding material binder systems, resin-bonded with furan resins, phenolic resins and phenolic resol resins.

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