Foundation Laying Ceremony for the New Factory of Mingzhi Technology Leipzig

On April 29th, 2019, the foundation laying ceremony for the new factory of Mingzhi Technology Leipzig GmbH (MTL), was held at Grosslehna Industry Park. More than 30 people attended the ceremony including the General Manager of the head company, Suzhou Mingzhi Technology, the District Administrator of Leipzig, the Mayor of Markranstadt and local administrators. The General Manager of Mingzhi Technology, Mr. He Qiu, announced that the new factory will be used not only to improve and expand the production capability of MTL, but also to build the latest model of core shop equipment developed by Mingzhi Technology, known as MiCC (Mingzhi integrated Core Center).
This brand new and intelligent foundry equipment will be launched in June at the upcoming GIFA exhibition in Duesseldorf. As a fully integrated and all-electric core machine, MiCC will offer significant value to the customer through energy savings. In addition, a unique and intelligent control system was developed, named Mingzhi Intelligent Core Control system (MiCL), which offers the user operating convenience and increases the production data available. Due to these energy and time saving attributes, Mingzhi symbolically represents MiCC with a green apple, the “Mingzhi Apple”. Beyond being used to develop MiCC, the newly built MTL factory will also serve as an “Experience and Service center for our customers worldwide. In line with Mingzhi Technology’s pursuit to develop green products, the same concept is being applied in the construction of this new facility: photovoltaic solar energy for electricity, geo-thermal heat pump technology for the hot water and air conditioner, recycling the heat from the compressed air station, and adding an electrical car charging station.

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