Jackey Hu (Yixing Jinzhen Casting Material Co., Ltd) über die zukünftigen Märkte

GIESSEREI-PRAXIS im Interview auf der China DieCasting 2018

China DieCasting

GIESSEREI-PRAXIS auf der China DieCasting 2018 in Shangai: Im Interview mit Jackey Hu, General Manager von JZ – Yixing Jinzhen Casting Material Co., Ltd., über die zukünftigen Märkte seines Unternehmens

  • Which products do you present here ohne the show CHINA DIECASTING?
  • What are your main markets for your products?
  • Do you want to grow in other markets in the future and which markets that could be?
  • Do you have contact to European customers or perhaps to the german market?
  • How important is the digitalisation in your business?
  • Where do you see the biggest challenges and chances for your company in the next three years?

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