Verbesserung des Warmrissverhaltens der AlZnMgCu-Legierungen unter Nutzung thermodynamischer Berechnungen

Improvement of hot tearing behavior of AlZnMgCu alloys using thermodynamic calculations

GP 10/2013

AlZnMgCu alloys have excellent mechanical properties and fatigue life. However, their long freezing ranges make them extremely susceptible to hot tearing. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of alloying elements Zn, Mg and Cu on the hot tearing susceptibility of AlZnMgCu alloys in permanent moulds. Here, thermodynamic calculations of solidification, based on the Scheil model with Pandat software, have been made. A small value of terminal freezing range from 0,900 to 0,995 solid fraction as well as a small amount of T-Al2Mg3Zn3 were determined as important criterions in order to reduce the hot tearing susceptibility of AlZnMgCu alloys. Rubrik: TECHNIK


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