Molding Material Preparation without Human Intervention

Perfection as the driving force - this is the declared motto of the Juergens Foundry. This includes optimally synchronized production processes that...


Magaldi’s technologies to secure the success of a new iron foundry in Mexico

Recognizing the increasing importance of the Mexican automotive industry, the company decided to invest in a greenfield foundry in San Luis Potosí to...


Additive Manufacturing

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS in Dresden have developed innovative methods enabling more materials to be...




3D Printing Asia Zone ein Highlight auf der Asiamold 2019

Dank der der Teilnahme namhafter Aussteller aus dem Bereich des 3D-Drucks wird die 3D Printing Asia Zone auf der Asiamold 2019 ein Highlight der Messe...


3D Printing Asia Zone a highlight at Asiamold 2019

Thanks to considerable support from 3D printing exhibitors, the 3D Printing Asia Zone will return as a key show highlight at Asiamold 2019. With an...


Zukunftsmarkt Indien

Die ALUCAST findet alle zwei Jahre an wechselnden Standorten in Indien statt und wird von einem umfassenden Konferenzprogramm begleitet. Über 150...

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