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From world-leading intensive mixing technology to optimized solutions for the preparation, reclamation, and testing of foundry sand. Which now also includes equipment digitally enabled with Monitizer’s industry-leading IIoT technology, allowing customers to visualize, analyze and act on performance data to optimize processes.

Robust, energy efficient and cost-effective - our technology goes the distance.

Sand Preparation

  • Multi-Cooler: Pre-conditions sand, to lower and reduce variability in sand temperatures.
  • Mix-Muller: Energy efficient mixing for the highest quality prepared sand.
  • Speedmullor: The mixing performance and energy efficiency of mulling with the productivity of a high-speed, high-intensity mixer.
  • Multi-Mull: Technology that produces larger volumes of molding sand with at a lower cost of installation and operation.
  • Hartley Controller: Inline automated sand testing; sends signals to muller to reduce variation in green sand.


      Sand Testing




        Sand Reclamation

        • Pro-Claim: Energy efficient sand reclamation that lowers waste and provides significant raw material costs savings.
        • Test your material before making a decision.

        Customer testimonial

        “When we first started we were using 40% reclaimed sand and 60% new sand. Currently we’re using 95% reclaimed and 5% new sand – Foundry Manager


        Our track record

        Simpson has been an innovator in process and control technologies for the foundry industry for over 110 years with a focus on performance, productivity, and energy efficiency. Since launching our first intensive muller-type mixer in 1912, we’ve been staying at the forefront of innovation - in service of the global foundry and process industries. With hundreds of patents filed, tens of thousands machines installed in over 65 countries, our equipment frequently sets the benchmark. Not just for quality and performance, but also for its values: reliability, durability, sustainability, connectivity, self-sufficiency.

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